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The energy mix in north central Sweden is 100% low-carbon and 100% renewable.**

100% renewable &
100% fossile-free energy

Together with RISE – the Research Institutes of Sweden – we have identified the energy mix as the single biggest factor in the environmental footprint of ski production.*

North central Sweden, where we’re located, is dominated by 100% renewable and 100% fossile-free, local, hydro power. With a five-year average of 16 g carbon intensity per kWh (gCO2eq/kWh), our region is the lowest carbon emission consumer per kWh in the world.** Compared to other European ski producing countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and the Czech Republic, with an average five-year carbon intensity level of 352g per kWh, the difference is substantial.**

Carbon footprint comparison of different energy sources for ski production.*

Carbon footprint

One pair of skis made at Åre Skidfabrik has a carbon footprint of 28,8 kg CO2 including raw materials, transportation, manufacturing and waste emissions. Only 0,6 kg CO2 originates from our own manufacturing due to the exceptionally low carbon intensity of our region.* Building an identical pair of skis, but in a high carbon-intensity country can therefore be up to 400% higher with a footprint of up to 120 kg CO2 per ski.***  

* Source: RISE report BioSkiBoard Closing Meeting 2021-12-16
** Source:
*** Sources: RISE and

Energy efficient heating

Our ski factory is powered by 100% renewable and 100% fossile free local hydro power. 

In 2020, we invested in an efficient solution were the excess heat from our two ski presses is recycled through an innovative ventilation system and used to heat our factory building during working hours, eliminating the need for other heat sources. During the other times of the day, we use very efficient geothermal heating. 

The combination of these two highly efficient systems has reduced our heating consumption by 70%.

Waste management

We strive to minimize our material use and to be as efficient as possible in every way we can. All our waste is sorted by material type, compressed, collected and recycled by Lundstams AB, a world leader in the field. The scrap wood from our wood cores is used for the district heating in the neighboring town Östersund (as well as our own wooden stoves back home).

The world’s most sustainable ski production

Looking at the bigger picture, we’re firmly confident that we run the most sustainable ski production in the world today.*

* Well, apart from enthusiasts carving out wooden skis in their own garages of course.


Pre-Preg fiberglass and carbon

We use fiberglass and carbon fiber sheets that come pre-impregnated with epoxy, eliminating the need for our crew to handle liquid epoxy. Pre-Preg also distributes the epoxy perfectly in the skis, making them stronger and lighter.

Recycled and bio-based materials

Steel edges

We use high-quality, extra thick, steel edges from Waelzholz Gmbh with 26% recycled content.

Top sheets

Our durable topsheets from Isosport Gmbh are made out of 50% bio-based materials.


Our skis are treated with Nordic Swan eco-certified, 100% biodegreable, wax from Holmenkol.

Transition to bio-based materials

The biggest environmental factor behind ski production is the energy mix being used. With that said, we always strive to use materials with the highest percentage of recycled content as possible, swapping to more sustainable, recycled or bio-based options when we feel we can do so while maintaining the high quality we always strive for.

RISE study

We’re also conducting an ongoing study together with RISE Sweden, looking to find bio-based solutions to replace existing materials used in our skis.


built by skiers

We know, we know. For skiers, by skiers is a washed-up cliché. But, in the case of Åre Skidfabrik it really rings true. Because every pair that leaves our factory has been built by a ripping skier who’s just as enthusiastic about the sport as the person buying it.

Creating job opportunities

We’re happy to be able to provide around 15 people with year-round job opportunities in the Swedish countryside*, contributing valuable tax money to the local Åre community. We also pay a wage that makes it possible to live in a ski town, enjoying the high quality of life a place like Åre has to offer.

* In Swedish: glesbygd, inlandet.

A good working environment

Sweden has some of the strictest rules and laws regarding working environment in the world, as well as waste and chemical management. We always go the extra mile to ensure that our crew is healthy and feel good about coming to work every day. Our use of Pre-Preg carbon and fiberglass in the production is one such thing, skiing and doing other fun things together is another.


We’re a small and flat organization, and if anyone in our crew has an idea on how to do something in a better way we encourage them to bring that idea forward – whether it’s about using our machinery in a more efficient way or how we build our skis.