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Custom made skis

Custom made

Start designing

Choose your alternative! Yes, you have the unique opportunity to create your own graphic design on your favorite Extrem Ski model! How does it work? It depends whether you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator or not.

1. If you have Adobe Illustrator, and know how to use it, we will send you the design file of your selected model/length together with a design manual. Once you have designed the ski, you return your design file to us and we will make a last check before printing the top sheet.

2. If not, we can help you throughout the whole design process. It starts with an e-mail or telephone call so you can explain what kind of design you are looking for. We will then work you through the design process with colours, images, graphic elements and text.

Any questions? You are always welcome to contact us!

The Purchase

Minimum quantity of Custom Made skis is 24 pairs per model and length.

Due to our general production planning and production season, we do not have any fixed delivery time for custom made skis. Get in touch with us for estimated delivery time.

When you go through with your purchase, we will order your top sheets from our Austrian supplier and build your totally unique skis by hand from scratch at Åre Skidfabrik.

For price and any questions regarding the design process, please contact us at: // +46-647-32204 (Factory) // +46-70-6276033 (Stefan Cederberg direct)

Bild på skidor Bild på skidor