It began in 1981, when the founders Patrik Söderlund and Stefan Cederberg started to make snowboards in their parents’ garage in Östersund, Sweden. They had picked up the signals of what was going on in the US and soon they started to experiment with snowboard manufacturing. The families’ garages were turned into an inventor’s workshop with a lot of ideas and creativity. In 1993 Extrem Snowboards of Scandinavia was founded and the tiny garage was changed into a larger factory building.

The growth came quickly and very soon Extrem became one of the most selling snowboard brands in Sweden. In 1998 the company started to make skis under the same brand, which were then the first Swedish made alpine skis in 25 years.


After having been owned by a Norwegian outdoor group for four years, Extrem was repurchased 2011 by the founders and three new ski passioned entrepreneurs - Carl Geijer (CEO), Johan Hjelte and Anders Selvehed. The company is now called Åre Skidfabrik (Åre Ski Factory) and is Scandinavia’s only alpine ski factory, where Extrem is a wholly owned brand.

Most of the machinery is from 2009, when large investments were made in the factory. The choice of machinery has been made by the requirement for flexible production of high-quality skis.

In addition to the modern machinery, a competent team of ski builders and a passion to listen to our customers makes us produce all these award-winning skis.